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Dating affairs- The secrets

have an affair dateOk so what if you want to have an affair but you don’t particularly want to drive straight to a stranger’s house and have sex with them that night. What if you want to go on a few dates and get to know someone before jumping into the sack. I mean lets face it, just because you are bored of your husband or wife, it doesn’t mean that you now want to just have sex with anyone who wants to shag you.

So you are going to have to go on a few dates with this person. But you are married and there are plenty of people out there who know about it. That makes going on a date a little trickier. I mean its not like you can just meet in a local bar or go someone to public. We all know about sods law. This will be the one time that you end up meeting someone you know and then they are also in on your little secret and the less people who know about your affair the better, trust me.

So where to go on affair dates?

date an unfaithful womanRight so basically anywhere public is out of the question.. Or is it,? Here are a few suggestions of places you could go on dates and ways around meeting up with a new partner with out the danger of running into someone.

1. Have you ever thought about going to a different city? Book a day off work and one day when you should be going into work, simply jump in the car and drive 40 miles away to a place you are not going to bump into anyone you might know. So if you live in Bristol, why not drive to Cardiff for the day.
2. Head into the wilderness. Ok, I know this sounds a little dodgy and you might not want to meet a stranger in the woods, but you don’t necessarily have to meet them in a wood. Why not go on a popular walk up a mountain or even to the beach?
3. Have you ever considered not meeting up? Skype has got really good recently. Why not meet up with someone online when no one is at home. Go onto Skype and have your first date online. You can really get to know someone and if you get on great over skype then there is a very high chance you will get on with them when you are out in public.

There are three ways you could meet up with someone secretly to go on an affair date.

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