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Fuck a married woman up the arse

married woman up the arseThe whole reason why so many people like having an affair is simply because it is wrong, you are not really allowed to do it. So fucking a married woman up the bum can seem like a really exciting thing to do. It is almost like you are doing two wrongs things and in this instance two wrong things really do make a right!

Why shouldn’t we shag women up the bum?

Many men and women say that it is wrong and that the arse hole is not a hole that should be fucked. The vagina as we know produced its own lubrication for the penis to slip in and out of where as the arse hole does not. This means that scientifically the butt hole is not made to be shagged. If this is the case though, why do we all want to do it so badly?

It can’t just be because it is naughty. I mean we have been doing it for so long now, it doesn’t even seem naughty. The strange thing about anal sex for anyone who has ever had it is that it doesn’t even feel better than normal sex, it actually feels worse. It is more exciting knowing that you are fucking a woman up the arse than in her vagina.

No one has anal sex in the dark

wife loves analWhy I this? It is a palaver, you have to put time and energy into it, you can to both be ready to put a bit of time in to stretch the arse hole out. You have to be careful putting the dick in the arse hole or it could hurt the woman and often when you dick is finally squeezed into the space, it is soo tight you can really fuck it properly.

In pornos the girl’s arses have probably already been fully stretched out before the scene. I mean lets face it, no body really wants to watch porn starts sit around for 10 minutes starching out the girls arse hole, they just like to see it getting fucked.

No one goes through the effort of having sex if they cannot see the final result of putting it up the girls arse.

It has to be something you can actually see, as it doesn’t really feel any better at all?

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