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My affair story in Liverpool – Part 1

I’m going to share my story of how I met a married man in Liverpool. For both his and my security and privacy I am not going to use our real names or the real locations where we met. All you need to know is that this story happened several months ago in Liverpool at a time in my life where I was searching for new sexual experiences, and I can most certainly say I found it here at It’s important to note that I am still a member of this website and I still frequently check in to catch up with new and existing contacts, so if you’re a new member here hopefully we will connect soon. If not please use this story as inspiration and may it help you learn and understand a bit more about this adult dating service.

sexy blonde wife ready to cheatMy story actually starts in Edinburgh. I have just received word that I am move to Liverpool to help launch a new product for a client we are working with. I am in PR and a lot of my job involves moving around the country to cities where my expertise is most needed. I am a very self-sufficient independent woman who is single, and happy about it. However I have always had a bit of promiscuous side and always chased the more risky of sexual encounters. When you are engaging in something you know is wrong you get such a buzz and a thrill from it that it’s intoxicating, and it’s hard to ever go back.

meet cheating men and women hereWhy am I telling you this? Well it might help explain my decision for joining up to and meeting a married man who cheated on his wife for the first time in 15 years with me. I signed up to this affair dating website after doing a couple of google searches for dating websites in Liverpool. I normally do this when I move somewhere new as it’s a good way of meeting people and making sure I can still fulfil my wild side.  When I was looking for adult dating sites in Liverpool I kept seeing this site, popping up. I had never used a married dating website before, but my intrigue got the better of me and before I knew what I was doing I had signed up and made a profile (it took less than a minute). After I completed my profile I forgot about everything until I was finally in Liverpool a couple of weeks later. I opened up the site, logged back in and saw that I had several messages from married men living in Liverpool, one of those men was Darren…

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