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My affair story in Liverpool – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my affair story that takes place in Liverpool earlier this year. In the first part of this story we had established that I work a very busy schedule and due to the nature of my work I move around the country a lot. This has led me to Liverpool, but prior to my arrival I signed up to a married dating website called as it had great reviews from members using it in Liverpool and sleeping with a married man has always been a fetish of mine. This is how I ended up meeting Darren and leads me on to the  next part of my affair story….

fuck married women in Liverpool….Although I don’t consider myself to have a type, Darren was that classically good looking type of man. The cliche description of tall, dark and handsome really did fit him perfectly. But more than that, what really swayed it for me were the messages he had sent me. He started by opening up about how this was his first time using a website like this and if his wife knew he could end up ruining everything. He then went on to tell me how much he fancied me and noticed from my profile that I was new to Liverpool and suggested taking me out to a few places to show me the city. He said he was always out for business meetings throughout the week as that was part of his job, he was self employed running a very successful accountancy firm, so meetings with new clients was very common and no one would bat any eyelid if they saw the two of us out together.

hot wives looking for extramarital flingsWhat really attracted me to Darren was his complete open honesty. Of course he might have been lying completely, he could be selling this porky to anyone new to the site, but he had a way with words that made him seem so genuine, real and stuck in a real-life dilemma. Stuck between a wife who clearly wasn’t providing him the satisfaction he requires and wants and the possibility of meeting someone new who can provide the excitement and thrills he so clearly craves. I tried to not think of his situation or his wife, of course the thought of being the first woman he had sexual relations with since being married turned me on massively. Those first couple of messages got me so wet between my legs I spent the entire night masturbating over the idea of being with him time and time again.

best married dating site in the UKI replied the following day saying that i was interested in meeting up with him, but only as friends first, and then we could see where things went. In my head I was praying for us to have a sexual chemistry, for whatever reason I was drawn to this married man in a way I hadn’t been with anyone else I have met online. It might have just been the risk factor, but something inside me bubbled with excitement and pleasure about meeting a married man in the flesh, and it was all going to happen in the next couple of days.

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