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My affair story in Liverpool – Part 3

We are now on part 3 of this real life affair story that all takes place in Liverpool at the start of 2016. Jessica has just been talking to Darren a married man looking to have an affair who she met on our married dating website We continue the story where we left off, Jessica has just agreed to meet Darren in person for the first time and she can’t quite control her feelings of excitement at the though meeting up with a married man, a thrill that she always fantasied about is now about to come true…

fuck married women and men here… It was finally Wednesday, tonight I was meeting Darren for the first time. A date I had not been able to forget about since it was first arranged at the end of last week. Sure I might have played it cool and pretended like this was just a casual encounter that really didn’t mean anything, but in reality I had never been so excited and eager to meet someone. I’ve been on a lot of dates, and I do mean A LOT of dates. Because of my job I am constantly travelling around the country staying in various, cities, towns, even countryside dwellings and I have always made sure to make myself available for dating. This doesn’t mean I am a slag having sex with hundreds of men, as most of these dates go nowhere but the local pub, but this upcoming date with Darren just felt different.

best married dating site LiverpoolAll week I had been looking at the photos he had sent me and using my vibrator on myself constantly. One day I even bought it into the office and at lunch time went and sat in a locked cubicle closed my eyes and pressed my little handheld bullet up against my clit. It didn’t take much to get me off, my pants had been damp all morning with the naughty excitement and fantasy of fucking this married man. There really was something about doing something so wrong that made it feel so right.

meet married men online nowAnyway it’s Wednesday night and I have clocked off work early to get myself ready for our date at El Bandito, a cute little tequila cocktail bar that’s dark enough and far enough away to not cause any concern. I’ve decide to wear my sexy black french knickers and black bra, a long with a red tight, short dress that shows off my curvy figure and long legs. It makes me feel sexy and frisky, so it should have the desired effects. I order a taxi into Liverpool city centre for just after 8 o’clock – I don’t want to be early. I would much rather turn up later and have Darren waiting for me.

I get into El Bandito’s at around 8:15 due to bad traffic. It’s dimly lit, he said he would be down sat downstairs tucked away in the corner. I follow the trail of candles and then I see him, facing towards the entrance into the room, he sees me, smiles and waves. I start to walk over. My legs feel like jelly, my palms are sweating. As I approach I realise how much better looking he is in real life, his dark eyes are so inviting, as cliched as it sounds I could get lost in them. He stands up, he is taller than me which is a relief, puts his arms out, grabs me gives me a kiss on the side of the cheek and says, ‘Well aren’t I lucky’…

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