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My affair story in Liverpool – Part 4

Darren points me in the direction of the chair opposite him after he pulls it out from underneath the small wooden table. The table is dimly lit with only a couple of candles offering a warm glow that accentuates his handsome features. He pushes a glass towards me and says, Don’t worry it’s only alcohol. I let out a coy little laugh and then start to sip the strong tequila cocktail. For some reason I wasn’t expecting him to be this forward, he looked like a man who had done this before. My suspicions were immediately aroused…

Join for Free now!… We spoke together for a couple of hours, the drinks were flowing. I started feeling  wave of giddiness and naughtiness, it was intoxicating. Darren opened up like he did in the first message he ever sent me on He said he didn’t know what it was about me but he felt so comfortable in my company, like we had met in a past life… or something like that, by this point my knickers were damp with excitement, and my head was a blur with all the naughty things I kept imagining us doing back in the bed he shared with his wife.

extramarital dating website After what felt like only minutes one of the bar staff came over and started clearing up the table next to us. I looked at my watch, it was 11:30pm! I couldn’t believe how quick time had flown by. At this point my foot was rubbing up and down Darren’s leg, I could feel his stiff, throbbing erection trying to push through his tight black jeans. I could tell he wanted me, he looked at me with a fire and a passion, inviting me into his world of pleasure with a first class ticket. He asked where I was staying, I decided not to tell him. I remember some advice off the website that said never give away private or personal details. I told him if he wanted to spend more time with me tonight he would have to book us in somewhere.He grinned like a Cheshire cat and said, ‘I knew you would say that so I’ve already booked us in to a hotel around the corner’. I thought you cheeky bastard, but also thank god!

Liverpool affair datingWe arrived at the Shankly Hotel in the middle of Liverpool city centre. It was very plush and really set the scene for a wild night of passion and pleasure. From the moment we arrived in the room we never left until check out the following day. We stayed up all night romping, I didn’t even care about work, meetings, family, my social life, I treated that night like it was my last one on this earth, and I’m sure Darren did the same. It was the most naughty fun I have ever been subjected to and I still find myself thinking back to it on an almost weekly basis.

I don’t know what happened to Darren. Shortly after that night work offered me a promotion, and with it a permanent location for work. I’m now in a long term relationship, but if I’m ever alone I always make time for my vibrator and the memories of that night with Darren.

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